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2 definitions by Irrelephant

1. Oral sex performed on the female driver of a moving vehicle. Female specific analog to Road Head.

2. Road-head for bitches.
"I got some car-pie from my boyfriend, Woody, on the drive down to Atlanta last week."
by irrelephant April 23, 2010
In tricking/parkour slang, it's an abbreviation for "double"

A dub is when someone does 720° (two rotations) coupled with a flip.
commonly used for corkscrews and backflips
Person: Did that guy just throw a dub?
Guthrie: Yeah. Those are so easy, lol.


Person: can you dub out of a cartwheel?
Person 2: not yet, but I have a great hyper!


Person: did you just see Guthrie dub dub dub dub???
Person 2: Yeah! It was fucking sick!
by Irrelephant November 02, 2013