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2 definitions by IronFeliks

1} A French interrogative meaning "why".

2) The sound a French-speaking existentialist seagull makes.
1). Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas. C'est la vie.

2). PourQUOI!? PourQUOI!?
by IronFeliks February 27, 2005
(v.t.) To take, steal, apprehend, come into possesion of, recieve, or pick up anything. Derived from snaggle, and therefore inderectly derived from snag.

(n) A pointy-headed, triangular creature with sunglasses, angry eyebrows, striped pants, elf shoes, and wings. It is an enzyme found in saliva that breaks apart polysaccharides.
Here, let me snagglebeast those biology notes from you.

Go, snagglebeast, go! Show those complex carbohydrates who's boss!
by IronFeliks April 24, 2005