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2 definitions by Irishguy1

A term used to avoid a person with the nagging interest in what type of food you are preparing. Conceived from all the different types of Cream of ___ soups that there are.
X: "hmmmm that soup smells good, what cha making?"
Y: "Cream of FUCK YOU!"
by Irishguy1 November 30, 2010
When a girl rides you regular style (not reverse cowgirl) facing you and sticks her finger up your asshole. Usually pronounced with an accent (think Spanish) so slider sounds like "Sly-ther"
When was the last time you had El Monterrey Slider?; well that's not long enough my friend
Man Homes I just had an El Monterrey Slider and Chit does her finger stink!
by Irishguy1 November 30, 2010