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An insult to refer to Microsoft for their errors in console gaming ventures, such as the way the backwards compatibility in the x-box360 is flawed and has trouble working sometimes with what should have been easy games to incorporate into the system. Thus the angry response of "Damn you Microsuck!"
And possibly a "Dear ass faces letter"
Murphy:Dude whats wrong?
Ryan:Damn Microsuck and their stupid system!
Ryan:Okay if the game lags out during KOTR2 and I die at the START thats a fail on Microsuck.
by Irish teddy bear April 06, 2009
One of the most confusing yet amazing feelings you will have in your life. You feel as if your chest will burst when the person you love says "I love you". You think about that person all the time in all the things you do and only want that person to be happy even if you have to sacrifice to make it happen. You have full trust in them and would do anything or go anywhere to be with them. You feel light and find yourself smiling more often. Love is the ultimate high you can get.
I love you kitten
by Irish teddy bear April 01, 2009
Originally from the MMO World of Warcraft, involves the act of drawing noob players to you or a common object overlooked by seasoned players, can be considered a competitive sport by comparing the number of noobs each person has drawn to themselves/object
Fisher1:Haha look at these three noobs I caught with my green focusing lens

Fisher2:Thats nothing, look at the dozen I caught with my lightwell! HAHA

Fisher1:Thats a nice catch man!Great Noob Fishing here for shure
by Irish teddy bear April 01, 2009
MP44 is a common misinterpretation for the STG44, an assault rifle from WW2
MP=machine pistol which is an SMG and uses pistol ammo
STG=Assault rifle which is just that, and uses rifle ammo

Possibly coined from a poor translation in a video game.
Player1:Dude I just killed you with my MP44!
Player2: your what?
Player1:My MP44...
Player2:Dude, go back to history class or read a book, its an STG44 not a MP44 get it right you troglodyte
by Irish teddy bear April 09, 2009

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