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A small circular scar n the center of a person's belly (Not stomach, which is slightly under the left rib) from the time that the umbilical cord (The cord attaching to you to your mother while in the womb) was removed at birth. Not everyone has a navel, or belly-button, but this is rare. One of the most common places to get a piercing, other than ears and tongue. A navel can be either an innie (Regular) or an outie (Common during pregnancies).
When her navel was pierced she bought a small stainless steel skull with rubies for eyes to wear.
by Invisible_Bunny December 04, 2008
A fuckin kick-ass game. Assuming your computer/Xbox doesn't explode when you start it due to lack of awesomeness, it's the best game in the history of gaming. Amazing graphics and endless gameplay and over 100 quests scattered all over Cyrodiil. Side effects include weight loss/weight gain, dull hair, putrid scent, pale skin, weakness to sunlight, loss of house, loss of boyfriend/girlfriend, drastic change in schedule, and loss of job.
Me: Wanna come over to my place an play some oblivion? Just don't expect to see the sun for awhile.

Nick: Nah, I'm a moronic assbrain who only plays Halo. I can't play oblivion due to lack of sweetness.
by Invisible_Bunny December 07, 2008
1. Something many people do not have these days.

2. Life goes like this: You're born. You learn chickenshit stuff. You go to elementary school. You go to middle school. You go to high school. You get a license. You graduate. You go to college. You have sex. You graduate. You get a job. You bust your ass all day for forty years. You pay taxes. You have a stroke. You go live in an old age home. You die. The End.
That was a charming story about life, wasn't it? Well get used to it. 'Cause it's your too.
by Invisible_Bunny December 07, 2008
A drug in the form of digitalized happiness and cuteness, side effects include blindness, thanks to the fact that every single color is bright and cheerful, and staring at it for to long can do serious damage to your retinas but also cure depression.
Jeremy: I have depression and perfect eyesight...

Tina: You should try Viva Pinata!

Jeremy 2 weeks later: I have eternal happiness and joy, and singed retinas! YAAAAAAAYYY!!!
by Invisible_Bunny December 07, 2008

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