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What you refer to about the random, out-of-nowhere, BS that never has any reason that women come up with to:

A) Ruin a relationship
B) Randomly get angry at you
C) and subsequently pissing YOU off too
1) Guy 1: "Man I'm so pissed off"

Guy 2: "Why?"

Guy 1: "My on-and-off girlfriend randomly got angry at me when I looked at her, it doesn't make any sense."

Guy 2: "Buddy, WOMANITIS doesn't make any sense,"

Guy 1: "True that."
by Invasian June 03, 2009
When you've spent so much time in bed trying to fall asleep, that you've just lost all ability or interest in sleeping.

"Man I had wicked stale bed last night and I'm so tired..."
"My dad's all grumpy today cause his bed got stale"
"Dude you look horrible, did you get stale bedded last night?"
by Invasian June 12, 2009
A codeword for cigarettes when you're around anti-smokers, so you can avoid a long-ass lecture about smoking.
Two guys are inside, beside two non-smokers.
Guy 1: "Hey man, you wanna go for a cheeto?"
Guy 2: looks over to the non-smokers "Yeah sure!"
by Invasian June 03, 2009

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