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Someone who takes a perfectly good creed and assumes that because they pretend to follow it, they are allowed to do anything they want even if they don't really follow the creed at all. Usually insisting that if others do not follow their ways, they will be damned.
During the middle ages, Christian religious fanatics entered the Middle East to aide the Bysantine Empire, and were often slaughtered.

Today, religious fanatics in Iraq bombed the US embassy. Four were killed, five-hundred twelve were wounded.
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
Fabled secret agent that resides in a Pillbox in London and should really have more than one definition in Urban Dictionary
Danger Mouse really is the greatest secret agent in the world!
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
One who deserves to be hit upon with a brick.

Derived from the classic "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Trilogy book 2: The Resturaunt at the end of the Universe. Written by Douglas Adams
He said this with a smiling face that was evermore brickable
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
To create a word, often used with words that don't make sense
Dude, I'll give you ten bucks if you go wordify something up on urbandictionary.com
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
An aspiration for E-mail quality. Source: Strong Bad
My dream e-mail...my "dreamail"...
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
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