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Sarah Palin is a creature formed by several generations of inbreeding. The inbreeding took a toll on its mind, making it unable to understand basic political and geographic concepts that George Bush or a 5 year old would undertstand. After a life of quiet government positions(including mayor of Town Smaller Than Your Finger aka Wasilla, Meh... aka Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairperson and Governor of PalinLand aka Alaska, it was thrust into the big leagues as Die Already!!! (aka John McCain) chose it as his VP pick to breathe life in his long dead presidential campaign. The Sean Hannity Butt Kissers (aka Republicans), trying to cling onto their quest for economic and peace destruction, responded very well to it, while the Democrats pointed out the obvious: it was not ready. After making idiotic and/or ignorant comments (such as mentioning the terrorist activities William Ayers partook in that Barack Obama HAD to have been involved in, at age 8, or its magical skills as a hockey mom), the majority of the public made a mockery out of it. Shows such as Saturday Night Live had very hilarious, but very true imitations of it. Eventually, she incinerated the dead body of Die Already!!!'s campaign, and he lost.

After it all, it continued to get pregnant from various members of its family and its dog and proceded to make a mockery of her "could've been normal" children.
"Sarah palin is such an idiot!"
by Interrobang2rd February 23, 2009
Emo is an identification, usually used by suburban white teenagers. However, emo is a paradox that defies everything it supposedly stands for. An emo will tell you that they don't conform and remain individuals, but they all act the same, dress the same, have the same hairstyles, listen to the same music, etc. They conform within their own group, just like nearly all suburban teenagers.

Emos claim to be depressed and angry all of the time, but they are in fact fundamentally happy and joyous.

Emos say that they reject the values of the preppy kids, but still hold the core beliefs- denying those who do not conform, sleeping around, experimenting with drugs, and overall being suburban wannabes.

Anyone who identifies as an emo simply cannot be in practice- they are instead "wannabemos", somebody who strives to be an emo, but cannot.
Justin, Jessica, and Chrissy all claim to be emo. All three listen to My Chemical Romance, have hairstyles like the ones they see on Gaia Online, and contradict themselves.
by Interrobang2rd August 06, 2010

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