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3 definitions by InoxFY

A duel between two men in which both participants attack each other with their erect penises in jabbing or swiping motions. style points are awarded for maneuvers such as swiping your opponent off their feet or ejaculating on his face.
I demand satisfaction! I challenge you to a penis duel!
by InoxFY January 03, 2010
13 3
The measures of a particular person or group's amount of sarcasm over an extended period of time.

A combination of "sarcasm" and "statistics".
Person1: Dude, did you see how sarcastic that guy was?
Person2: Yeah, his sarcastatistics must be through the roof.
by InoxFY August 07, 2010
7 0
A quality of certain vertical surfaces that are capable of having a walljump performed upon them.
Person1: So, if we walljump on the side of that bus stop we can reach the roof easily.
Person2: I'm not so sure about that, that bus stop doesn't look very walljumpable.
by InoxFY November 25, 2010
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