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True love is A feeling of complete bliss and peace, that feeling can only be rivaled by the feeling of absolute sadness when you two are not together. Suddenly realizing that you have a new best friend. True love destroys all memories of a beginning and wipes out the possibilities of an end. It knows no limits based on age, race, sex etc. The sudden need to add unlimited texting to your cell phone plan so she is always a moment away. For the first time realizing how expensive gas is but not caring because as long as your money gets you to her it does not matter. The sudden urge to become creative and artistic as you sit there for hours trying to MAKE her something special, not buy it. The realization that you have been listening to the same song for over an hour and you decide to play it one more time. When you no longer feel the urge to login to play World of Warcraft. When you cut back your weekly running mileage so you can spend that extra mile time with her. When you feel as if your life together is so perfect that you feel the need to capture every moment. When you know what her cheek tastes like. When that peanut butter sandwich she made you tastes better than a steak. When your roll over in the morning and open your phone looking for a "good morning" text message, and getting that message puts you back to sleep with a smile on your face. When you plan what you are going to get her for christmas in July. When you realize that even if you got into that out of state college you would stay at that crappy community college because it is close to her. When every reason for every action of everyday is in someway made to hopefully better your love. When you start to wonder how many words this thing will let you type. When you realize you were supposed to be outside 15 minutes ago working on your car...but this is way too much fun. Because it reminds you of her.
True love is me and courtney, I love you baby. Forever and for always.
by Innovation July 19, 2007

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