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Breasts that appear to be particularly, unnaturally, bouncy or lively. Term refers to the fictional material "flubber", created in the 1961 Disney film "The Absent-Minded Professor" as a mashup of "flying rubber".
"Flubbertits" over there has got to know a great plastic surgeon.
by Inkthinker September 04, 2007
Water that gathers within clothing that encompasses the breast, or is poured from or across the breast
"Pure crystal boobwater pooled in the space between her perfect breasts"
by Inkthinker October 25, 2006
Wherever a rotund woman drinks beer and eats donuts while watching "Who Wants To Prove They're A Whore On National Television" and ignoring the cries of her 14 squalling spawn, there is Poontucket. Wherever a man in a stained shirt with worn armpits speaks profoundly of "those people" while pausing only to spit a wad of gooey yellow phlegm past the soggy butt of a Marlboro clenched permanently in brown, broken teeth, there is Poontucket.
Use "poontucket" wherever it feels appropriate.
by Inkthinker June 08, 2004

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