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(Portmanteau of "Pocket Monsters")

Popular video game franchise created by Japanese video game designer Satoshi Tajiri.

It is Nintendo's 2nd largest franchise and involves catching a monster, placing it in a tiny ball and then sending it out to battle against other people who the same thing called "Trainers".

The JRPG games are cleverly constructed so you have to buy multiple versions to actually complete it and Catch Them All!

According to Jon Blythe, the developers think that you are a moon-buttocked whale and that by playing it you be obese and explode in front of a Moped.
Person 1: Dude, have you played Pokémon?

Person 2: No but that explains why you are fat!
by Inferno986return November 25, 2010
Weapon that Chuck Greene uses from Dead Rising 2.

He obtains the combo card once he has reached level 40 or by defeating psychopath mechanic Jed Wright in Case 0.

It's a Mossberg shotgun with a pitchfork taped to it and it kills zombie by attaching the pitchfork and letting the shotgun rip!!!
Person 1: Look check me out on Dead Rising 2, I am using the Boomstick!

Person 2: Did you get it from Case Zero?

Person 1: No, I gained it the hard way by levelling up to 40.
by Inferno986return November 25, 2010

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