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A simple fix out of a difficult situation. No matter what the occasion, it will save you. It worked for the crew of the Enterprise, why not you.
Mother-in-law: Laura, why the hell did you bring up your douchebag husband to the family reunion?!

You: Beam me up, Scotty!
by InfectedBoot July 02, 2009
Verb. The act of slamming your head against your desk or any hard object in front of you. Often mean to vent frustration, show frustration, or to demonstrate how frustrated you are in a conversation.

P.S. Everyone knows it's spelled with one 'D' not two.
1. *headesk* Damn IE crashed on me

2. Where is my new mouse!? I can't find it! *headesk*

3. Dude, she does this everytime! Ugh! *headesk*
by InfectedBoot July 07, 2009
It's never to early to plan for Halloween.
Jeff: Dude, look at all the candy I got! Male stripper =win!
John: Dude, that's awesome. I'm gonna be an Emo Kid next year.
Jeff: Halloween planning right after we JUST got candy?!
John: It's never to early to plan for Halloween.
by InfectedBoot July 29, 2009
The imaginary purple key is where in either Guitar Hero or Rock Band where the player has to shift his hand to hit the orange note and over shifts to where the player's pinky is on the fretboard and their ring finger is on the orange key.
Jeff: "Having played several green notes in succession, saw that he had to shift down to hit the next note, which was an orange key. Quickly, he moves his left hand down to the right and squeezes his pinky down on the neck of the guitar controller and strums up. Staring blankly at the screen he sees that he missed the note. Swiftly glancing down Jeff is dumbfounded. Discovering that his pinky was on the imaginary purple key."

John: Saw that. You're a dumbass.
by InfectedBoot September 27, 2009
Someone who has beaten the Endless Set List on Expert Difficulty. In other words, some poor person who has no life whatsoever.
Jeff: DUDE! That guy is a Platinum Artist! HE MUST BE GOD! O.O

John: Nah, just a douche bag with no life.
by InfectedBoot August 07, 2009
The act of playing Rock Band or Rock Band 2 with a full band either online or locally.
Jeff: Dude! Wanna go Rock Bandin' at Jerry's?

John: Sure man. I call drums!

Jeff: I wanted drums! D:
by InfectedBoot August 06, 2009
One who recycles jokes, pick up lines, sayings of love, and the such. Said guy or girl is a total waste of your time.
Jeff: Dude, Nate keeps telling his girlfriends the same love lines. It's getting old man.

John: What a Recycler..


John: Dude, Nick keeps saying the Borat jokes.

Jeff: Didn't he JUST see that movie last night?

John: Yeah. Recycler. Ugh!
by InfectedBoot August 31, 2009
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