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1. A person with many Scars.
2. A houston rapper who got the name from defn. #3.
3. A 1983 Film. That Stars Al Pachino as Tony Montana. A young Cuban immigrant who makes it from the bottom of the barrel to one of Miami's biggest drug dealers. This movie is also worshiped by everyone in the "hip-hop" world who thinks they are "gangster". Has sprouted many "Say hello to my little friend" parodies. Also an excellent video game called GTA: Vice City has also been inspired by this great film.
4.There is also a 1932 version of Scarface. Starring Paul Muni as Al Capone who's nickname is SCARFACE.
1. Did you see that guy's face. He's a freaking Scarface
2. I really think Scarface's music sucks.
3. I think the FILM Scarface is very good.
4. If I wanted to see this version of Scarface. I'd have to get the $80 DVD Gift Box Set.
by INFAMOUS C January 07, 2004
A popular gaming company in the late 80s and early 90s. They are most know for the NeoGeo MVS. Which made arcade operaters happy because of the cost and the fact that more than one game could fit in the Cabinet. Unfortunatley the company's worst decision was the Neo Geo AES. The problems high cost for the system and games for the system. The Neo Geo CD fixed these problems but added the load times (which took forever). SNK is known for fighting games such as Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, and Art of Fighting. They also have other popular games such as Metal Slug and the popular Bust a Move or Puzzle Bobble on the MVS. They have recently falled down on hard times in 2001 because of bankeruptcy. But suprisingly re-emerged as SNK-Playmore. Some games you can find from them are Metal Slug 5, the ever popular Snk vs Capcom: Chaos, and the recent throwback game King of Fighters 2003. Most of your SNK fans are fanboys that are VERY FUCKING GOOD AT FIGHTING GAMES.
by Infamous C January 10, 2004
A group of college students who came together to form a Heavy Metal band that does Covers of old NES games. Such as Megaman, Contra, and Mario.
Neskimos were tearing up that Contra song.
by INFAMOUS C January 07, 2004
Can Mean Many Things
1. A young child of hispanic decent who has adopted the 'Ghetto' lifestyle. See Also "SELLOUT"
2. A word combination of Spic and Negro.
3. An Afro-Hispanic. See Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Costa Rican..
4. A greeting used the same way 'Nigga' is used.
1. Jose finally started to hang out with a group of Spegros.
2. Spegro Is the Love Child of Spic' and Negro.
3. Johnny wasn't sure if Estaban was black or a spegro
4. Man, Spegro. I told you to bring me some Corona.
by INFAMOUS C January 06, 2004
1. Actually going on a pair of skis and going down the snowy mountain.
2. Slang for jacking two guys off.
1. Hey Jeff you want to Ski the Slopes tonight.
2. Hey did you hear. Jasmine freaking ski the slopes last night and has a bunch of shit on her face.
by INFAMOUS C January 09, 2004

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