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A wonderful game that involves shooting people, jacking cars, picking up hookers, shooting up chicks in bikinis and just wreaking general havoc. Much fun. Given a rating of 'M' for Mature so you know it's got to be good.Fun if you do the missons or if you don't. This is a MUST BUY.
"Woah, dude..I just shot the hooker and I got all my money back...DUDE!"
by ThE:BiNKY:BaNDiT January 06, 2004
1: Best $5 you'll ever spend. This game has got hookers and drive-bys, and everything you need to feel like a crime baron.

2: A weekend spent in Miami picking up hookers and doing drive-bys.
1: Matt and I spent the whole weekend getting stoned and playing GTA: Vice City.

2: Yo, Matt and I went to Miami last month and Vice City'd all week.
by gtavandredbull January 17, 2016
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