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Coined because me and my buddy decided it aint real realistic for poeple on IMs to roll around all the time.
Danielle: Hey..How r u?
Myself: Not bad... u?
Danielle: Yeah.. good :)
Myself: Is your Vagina happy?
Danielle: :o *Blocks*
Myself: WOFL
by Infadibulum May 11, 2009
After a good fuck and your partner is asleep, you may commence poontango which is basically any act of which you taking advantage of the female private parts while she is asleep. i'e. using as a plate, fishing, tasting, prodding or in kinky circumstances, slicing, biting or stabbing.
lissie: oh that was great, i'm real tired, you dont mind if i just fall asleep do you? what will you do?
Charles: Probably commence poontango, but dont worry i'll be fine.
lissie: well ok th- ZZZZZZZZZZ.
Charles: (to himself) W00t
by Infadibulum January 19, 2009
Retardish "Hard" people, who insist on telling people how cool they are, the blond hair really makes the Lads look real masculine, a basic lad on sighting anyone who isn't gay like a lad who is wearing more than 33% of their clothing black they would be labelled, Emo cunt. A lad who is rejected a smoke from anyone except gay lads will gather his lad friends with their signal aiaiaiaiai! and any close lads will then proceed to Smash that emo cunt, no matter what clothing the sensible one wears.

A lads vocabulary:
Razor emo
Lad 1: Eshays! i jus rolled em emo cuntz, fkn bitches wit dere slipknot shirts

Lad 2: Yerr! Did they throw any of there cunt emo razorz at ya!

Lad 1: Yea, I'm so hard aye!
by Infadibulum December 16, 2007

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