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6 definitions by IndySparkPlug

Wealth transfer in the name of justice.
Criminal cases are about paying time for doing the crime; but civil lawsuits are just about an attempt at wealth transfer in the name of justice.
by IndySparkPlug January 10, 2011
30 9
A critical part of a project is missing to render it utterly useless; a crucial person in your life is missing so as to render you utterly useless. Just like trying to form a word in the English language that starts with Q but has no U is nearly impossible.
1. The plans for the new public park are beautiful, but without the funding, the plans are a Q without a U.
2. My boyfriend is stationed overseas for 6 months, and I can't seem to function. Without him, I'm a Q without a U.
by IndySparkPlug January 10, 2011
15 6
A newspaper or magazine writer who creates inane articles about alleged dramatic changes in culture or society, even though the evidence is often flimsy generalties and select anecdotes.
Did you see that deadline anthropologist's article about American men now caring more about charity than acquiring personal wealth? Must be true because the pastor and kindergarten teacher quoted in the article said so.
by IndySparkPlug September 27, 2010
12 3
To persevere despite the boring and difficult nature of a long project.
That new kid in accounting will just keep sawing wood. With a work ethic like that, he's going to straight to the top of this company!
by IndySparkPlug January 10, 2011
10 4
A Christmas card you only receive because you first sent a Christmas card to the sender and the sender has now been guilted into sending a card to you. Boomerang Christmas cards often arrive after Christmas has already passed.
You received a Christmas card from the Collins family - wow, that's impressive!" "No biggie, it's just a Boomerang Christmas Card because they received our card last week.
by IndySparkPlug January 04, 2011
9 3
In the business world, an inflated sense of the right decisions having been made because the decisions were made in a group setting and then bolstered by self-congratulatory remarks.
Look out now. The H.R. dept has just emerged from a four hour meeting. With that kind of conference room confidence, they are ready to roll out the slashing of additional employee benefits.
by IndySparkPlug August 19, 2010
5 3