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A mullet. Generally greasy, unruly, or dirty, as one can picture on the driver of an old El Camino. Also common in conjunction with a mustache.
Billy Ray Cyrus has an El Camino Headrest
by Indomitable798 September 06, 2010
A rare phenomena when the same song is playing on two or more radio stations simultaneously. Can be very irritating when searching for good music because it usually occurs with the latest generation of pop or poon tunes.
The new Taylor Swift song is playing on country 96.1 and hits 103.3. Talk about deja tune.
by Indomitable798 October 28, 2010
Pop, hip-hop, and sometimes rap music that is about a person's unusually strong sex drive. Typically sung by a rich African American who utilizes autotune and excessive bass to forge talent. This music comes in 'generations,' which last about a month and result in 5-6 poon tunes being played constantly on the radio, then are totally forgotten. Also known as "koon tunes."
Song in question is a poon tune if it contains or is about the following words: girl, tonight, shorty (shawwwty), fine, body, bed, <insert sexual body part here>, club, dance, baby, love
by Indomitable798 October 28, 2010
Short for involuntary celibate, meaning the inability to get a date/intimate female attention.

Incel's can be otherwise very normal people with normal mental, emotional, and physical states. However, ask any incel and he (most times a male) will tell you the thing he wants most in the world is a meaningful relationship, sex aside. Ironically, women have little romantic interest, and will friendzone the incel, causing emotional trauma and can lead to love shyness.

These people are often polite, intelligent, and even funny around their friends (which can include women). In addition, they are spiritual, and have well defined identities from trying to fix themselves for the opposite sex. Nevertheless, they are doomed to be alone because of minor flaws in character, interests, or physical appearance.
Imagine being the only kid on the playground without a new toy everyone takes for granted. You are allowed to see and touch the toy, but can never play with it or have your own. When the toy breaks, they ask you to fix it then take it right back. That's what it feels like to be an incel.
by Indomitable798 September 27, 2010

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