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1. Another word for children.
2. Kids or young'ins..
There were chitlens around so I couldn't swear like I really wanted to.
by Incandescent_2 September 04, 2006
1. An eskimo with ninja-esque skillz.
2. A killer eskimo
Steve: 'Watch out Greg! There's an eskillmo behind you!'
Greg: 'Wha...'(eskillmo attacks Greg)
by Incandescent_2 September 02, 2006
An expression of displeasure. Something you could substitute for Oh shit!, if there are chitlens present.
Franny: 'Hey Zoey I just found you ipod-guess where it was?'
Zoey: 'Where?'
Franny: 'In the toilet....'
Zoey:'Crap Weasels!'
Chitlen: hahaha aunt Zoey just said crap weasels!
by Incandescent_2 September 04, 2006

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