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Social Anxiety is the worst form of Mental Disorder, and no one can understand it, without having yet lived with it. Always feeling Humiliated, fear of humiliation, breaking out with sweats, and then feeling even more embarrassed of your sweat and feeling as if everyone is staring at it. It can be a snowball effect. We love to be alone because being alone means actually feeling relaxed, unwatched, and unjudged. It is a very sad thing to live with.

It is very hard for anyone with social anxiety to have any normal form of conversation. Over-examing the words and gestures that other people say or do, and eventually ending up feeling embarassed or humiliated for not saying the right thing, or the funny thing, or the cool thing. Our minds race and race and race all the time, every second of the day we are judging ourselves, trying to change ourselves, trying to relax ourselves, trying to understand ourselves, trying to label ourselves, and trying to understand where we fit in in this world. This is just a glimpse of what rollercoasters through our brain, constantly. Never rest. It is truly a terrible disorder.

We are cool people, we just cant HELP it.
A "normal" person may feel an incredible sadness when a loved one passes away, an intense fear when in a traffic Collision, or extreme nervousness when given a large responsibility.

Now, imagine all three (and more) of these feelings being combined and pounded into a single person every second of the day, every day of the year, and every year of their life. It is intense, but the person with social anxiety, must cope.
by InDyingClowns March 28, 2011

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