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8 definitions by In4m8ion

love between two men, but only in the butt. none of that fag shit.
1: Them two is faggots, beaner!
2: Nah, dey is jest butt gay. Dey straight, son.
by in4m8ion June 04, 2008
liking every post on a target's facebook page causing them to receive a notification for each "like"
1: Dude, I got like strike -d last night, my e-mail is jacked.
2: Man, that sucks.
by in4m8ion January 30, 2010
1. Strong as fuck.
2. Urinary tract infection.
1: That mexican kid is cockswoll.
2: It's 'cuz them beaners be jumpin' dem fences!
by in4m8ion June 04, 2008
1. a common Quidditch maneuver borrowed from the fictional English football group Manchester United.
2. more commonly known for its sexual connotation: picking the scabs from the walls of the vagina for a smoother intercourse
1: Ay you! Run the manchester quib pick!
2: Oy! Loik I did on yer mum last night?
by in4m8ion May 29, 2008
way better than masturbation.
1: whatcha doing?
2: dicksmashing!
by in4m8ion April 27, 2008
when you put your iPhone up your girlfriend's butt so that she can manipulate the widgets with her anus.
Yeah baby, text my mama. Text my mama! This is one hell of a widget fuck.
by in4m8ion August 21, 2008
always the password dawg
1: what's the pass?
2: Poontoon.
by in4m8ion May 29, 2008