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2 definitions by Imwithstupid531

1. noun. A topic that will eventually EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!! 2. noun. A topic that isnt based on the original idea but keeps going long after the original idea is dead. Commonly found on forums and Facebook.
On someones note on facebook:
guy #1: Hey, anyone wanna get something to eat?
guy #2: Naw, i'm not hungry after reading about aliens taking over the world.
guy #3: No way!!! What were you reading?
guy #2: I was reading (insert book name here). Its so graphic.
guy #3: Sounds like a good book!
guy #4: Its kinda like (insert similar book here).
guy #2: No. Its not even close.
(later when guy #1 gets back to the page)
guy #1: AHHHHHHH!!!!! ZOMBIE TOPIC!!!!!!
by Imwithstupid531 December 26, 2009
1. verb. To roll ones shoulders.

2. verb. To signify the act of acceptance of a random silence in a online conversation. usually accompanied by an idk or a similar expression.
Guy #2 got an IM!

guy #1: So how have you been?
guy #2: Good and you?
guy #1: The same really.
(about 15 seconds later)
guy #1:*srug* ehhhhhhhhh.....

guy #2 closed the chat.
by Imwithstupid531 December 27, 2009