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A 4dr full size pickup truck with leather seats, woodgrained dash, & unscratched bed paint becuase nothing is hauled in it. The yuppie truck owner has little need for a truck, but feels he must drive it to improve his image.
He drives a yuppie truck, it helps his ego.
by Imperial1931 October 31, 2005
The doctors who simply prescibe medicines instead of finding the real ailment.
The Dr. Feelgoods gave me a handful of prescriptions today..
by Imperial1931 October 31, 2005
An SUV that has soccer decals, with a 30 something woman driving. This species is generally seen wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather or has tied around her waist. Don't forget the cell phone. Phone Companies love these types as the phone is glued to the ear rambling endlessly on what the latest trend is....Good place to spot these is at any Coffee Culture location.

She drives a Yuppie Wagon to soccer practice
by Imperial1931 November 06, 2005
Motorcycles that have come on the scene due to the shows "American Chopper" & Biker Build off, etc... Big Dog, is a primary supplier of yuppie bikes, or go to any number of "Custom Bike Shop" that have sprung up in the past 2 years. Wonder where they will be 2 years from now. Don't forget the vest & chaps, You won't look cool without them........
He's got a yuppie bike because he doesn't know how to build one of his own.
by Imperial1931 November 03, 2005
New 4dr 4WD trucks with every option known to exist attached. This helps compensate for a small dick. These vehicles seldom leave pavement as 99% of the people who own them don't want to get mud on their Izod & Dockers, or could very well get stuck due to lack of knowledge in off-roading. Hummers also fit in this category.

He's driving that truck as a form of penile compensation
by Imperial1931 November 03, 2005
another term for yuppie, these are generally marsha stewart devotees doing whatever is popular at the time, regardless if they like it or not!
Look at those Culture Swines hanging out at the coffee shop.
by Imperial1931 November 03, 2005

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