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"Emo IS a music genre that started in the 1980's called "Emocore". Some people like to dress in the "Emo" style. The society thinks about them as failures; that they are not strong enough to hide their emotions, they're sensitive, shy, introverted, and often quiet. The term 'emo' itself is used nowadays as an insult. Emocore is COMPARED (not is) with pop boy bands of 1990s. Critics cast the music as lacking any artistic merit and that the fashion is just a fashion used to drive girls attention. The ones who are emo not because they feel it, but because they like to be trendy are named 'posers'. A big percent of the current emo subculture is formed by posers. Emo subculture is acused that it is celebrating self-harm. in recent years the media has linked the Emo scene closely with issues of cutting and self-harm, but in reality there is no medical or cultural link that connects it to any one social group. Self-harming stems from some serious mental illnesses, namely borderline personality disorder, and is also carried out by people who are suffering, or who have suffered from significant trauma or emotional upset. Cutting is also usually linked to other psychological symptoms such as depression, social phobia and extreme anxiety. When you look at the medical reasons behind cutting and self-harming, it is impossible to suggest it affects any one group of individuals, and so claiming that somehow a fundamental part of the Emo culture is very misleading." Luv.Emo.com
Random jerk (AKA medias doggie)- HAHA!! EMO FAG!!!

Poser emo- Oh my god! You are the reason I am so sad! You make me miserable and I am going to cut myself. (I do not judge you, you are human)

Real emo- *Flips off* go fuck yourself or come at me. I'll put your teeth to the curb and spit in your ignorant face, asshole.
by Immaculate Misconception July 05, 2012

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