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It describes the awkwardness when someone walks one way and someone else walks another (so that they're walking towards each other) and the two people both step the same way so that the other person can pass. However, they end up moving from side to side at the same time... it's rather embarrassing.
Jeez, it was a proper wovaimoo moment!
by ImaginationAndDreams April 02, 2009
MAD Mob MAD Mob is a Music and Drama group (that's what 'MAD' stands for) in Leyland (England). They've been around for 15 years. Members are 7-17 years old and there's an adult MAD Mob as well. They do annual productions. Past productions include Joseph & His Technicolour Dreamcoat, Biblical Mystery Tour, Genesis, Here And How, Rock nativity, Parableania to name but a few... As the production date approaches, the 'goosebump' moment is often mentioned and the choreography usually seems to have the good ol' 'window wiper' move and the good 'ol freestyle... The prompt for MAD Mob productions has recently been given her own starring role! ('Sorry' in a meek voice). If audience members are new to MAD MOb shows, then the chances are, they won't understand the 'oh yeah oh yeah' line that comes in EVERY MAD Mob production... I am 100% sure that everyone who is part of MAD Mob productions have happy memories of it. MAD Mob even have their own Australian representative!
"I'm going to a MAD Mob rehearsal tonight."
by ImaginationAndDreams April 18, 2009

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