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When a man has pants or shorts on that are so tight that his junk is clearly outlined in them or provides the viewer with an almost "wedgie" appearence.
Gross, that guy suffers from Male Pattern Cameltoe his pants are so tight.
by ImBringingBloggingBack September 30, 2006
A woman's "private area." Typically used when a female celebrity accidently shows her private area while exiting a vehicle, etc.
Hey, did Paris Hilton just show her stanky putanky while getting out of her car?
by ImBringingBloggingBack September 30, 2006
A woman's vagina/private area.
Uh-oh, crazy Britney Spears showed her "gentlemen greeter" again when she was getting out of her car at Starbucks.
by ImBringingBloggingBack December 29, 2007

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