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The relative transverse directions are those where one has baby panda boundary conditions with respect to one brane and mommy panda boundary conditions with respect to the other. A Black Hole Panda Nest collectively manifests both branes and all dimensions within the local spacetime of a living panda nest.
Michael: Did you hear those yelps?! A nest must be near!

Fred: What Yelps?! What nest?!

Michael: An easy way to identify a black hole panda nest is to listen in for excited elementary panda yelps.
by Illa.Lusus August 13, 2009
"I Love Flatcher" is a random phrase added to a welcoming collage for the top boss at mR's return. The phrase was added in large, pronounced text at the top of the collage, and had absolutely nothing to do with the head of the mR organization. 'I Love Flatcher' is a shortened phrase which means "I love people who love sugar cane juice", a well established beverage likened by many mR employees.
Reper829: Hey Mike I know you dont really care for me ILM because I broke so many rules but I'm passed that.. I LOVE FLATCHER!
by Illa.Lusus December 07, 2009

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