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an australian term for the act of someone getting outrageously drunk and commiting stupid acts such as: jumping in bushes.
"Oh no"
"what's wrong?"
"It's my mate"
"oh is that the guy over there dossising"
"yeah bloody oath"
by Ijustkilledyourmumspiano November 14, 2009
a friend who hangs onto past events when people have wronged them and mentions the event everytime you see them.
"I booked the hotel room for my holiday"
"remember when you took a girl into that hotel room a while a go and I wanted to use it and you wouldn't get out?"
"that was 3 years ago stop dwelling, your a class A dweller"
by Ijustkilledyourmumspiano November 14, 2009
a sport where you try to kiss your friends ex-girlfriends, the more you kiss the more points you get. At the end of the month the person who hooked up with the least amout of thier friends ex-girlfriends has to get the words "I'm a PUCK head" tattoed on their body.
"I can't believe your a Puck head"
"well thats what i get for losing in a game of Hockey"
by Ijustkilledyourmumspiano November 14, 2009

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