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2 definitions by Ihateeveryone55

The only high school in the country that has its own stereotypes.

1.The "jocks/cheerleaders" are losers who everyone hates, and are usually the only white people, but still pull off straight B's. They think they're popular because of all the high school movies they watch, but they're so stupid that they keep forgetting that they go to LHS. No one even pretends to like these assholes and sluts.

2. Then you have the nerds who make other school nerds look retarded. Some of them get into pre-calc freshman year.

3. Then you have the "emos/goths", who wear black nike t-shirts and have never even touched a knife, and also get straight A's.

4. After that comes the posers, which is half of the school, which are really just nerds dressed up like mexicans.

5.Then there's the athletes, who make it to varsity sports freshman year and still pull of a 4.0 GPA. These are the kind of people who are guaranteed a fucking spot in Stanford.

6. Last, and least, you have the douchebags. These are the people who don't do anything, smoke weed, and will probably end up having even worse lives than the jocks will.
Jock: Fuck, I'm late for Calculus AP.

Nerd: Oh, I take math classes at Stanford now.

Emo/Goth: I hate everyone, my mom didn't let me dye my hair black, which it already is.

Poser: Math is so ghetto.

Athletes: I have Pre-calc, then varsity XC right after. I work 14 hours a day for admission to something that my parents told me I have to get into.

Douchebag: I'm so cool, no one talks to me cuz I'm to cool for them. Yeah, that's it.

This is lynbrook
by Ihateeveryone55 August 28, 2011
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A prison for teenagers who didn't do anything wrong, where we take even worse bullshit from the system than actual convicts. You spend your time trying to stay awake in class, trying to impress people you despise deep down, trying to make time for homework and sports, and chasing that hot girl you've wanted to fuck since 8th grade. Most people get the first 3 okay, but the fourth one is where it starts to fall apart. First, you'll try the "nice guy" approach, and when that gets rejected, you'll try the "popular prep" approach, and when she ignores you again, you'll go for that "asshole jock" approach. If you manage to sink this low, then maybe her shallow, bitchy mind will finally notice you. Even if you do have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, everything you do spreads around like wildfire, and if you manage to say 1 thing wrong, you lose your girlfriend, and most likely, all the friends you ditched to make your shallow relationship work. Then, there are your "friends". Everyone acts nice to your face, but the second you turn your back, they start talking shit about you. And you only know this because that's exactly what you do to them. To put it short, everyone in high school is an insecure, shallow kiss-ass conformist. Yes, even the goths and emos are conformists. If they weren't, they wouldn't be stereotypes. High school fucks you up like nothing else can.
On the first day of high school

My mom: Hey, high school's gonna be great.

Freshman me: Cool, I'll try to enjoy it

After I come back

mom: How was your first day of high school?

me: I hate everyone.
by Ihateeveryone55 August 23, 2011
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