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When you go to Wikipedia for some reason, end up clicking one link, then another, then another, until hours has passed and you have no idea what you first came to read about. This realization is usually followed by futile attempts to retrace the steps in your mind.
I just went on a mad Wiki spree! I was on Wikipedia to read about the Seychelles, then an hour later I found myself reading about the history of erotic depictions, PDA, and the demographics of China! I have no idea how I got there :(
by Iddap June 15, 2010
A foursome involving 3 guys and 1 girl.
Jane invited Joe, Martin, and Paul for a Cynnshine Special.
"My god, I had an amazing cynnshine special last night! I had a dick in every hole!"
by Iddap September 05, 2009

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