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Port Arthur, Texas. This title was given to the city for being the first area to use the word TRILL that was made popular by the rap group U.G.K. It has since been used to represent Texas as a whole. Port Arthur is still known as the original land of da TRILL.
We just left Louisiana and we are headed to the land of da TRILL.
by Iceman929 March 03, 2008
To get car jacked in the far right lane at an intersection because you stopped instead of rolling through and making the right turn. This term was made infamous in Texas. Mainly in the Houston, Dallas, and Port Arthur areas. Car jackers set up and hide at intersections waiting for a vehicle of there liking to roll through. If it stops and is in the turning lane, car jackers ambush the vehicle, get in and make the right for the previous driver never to be seen again. Car jackers who do this, have no shortage of victims in Texas. Many people in Texas have slabs and/or customized, flashy vehicles and one of the ways they show them off is by moving slow or stopping in the turning lane near intersections.
When your in Texas, don't EVER get caught slipping in the turning lane.
by Iceman929 March 03, 2008
A woman who plays men for a living. A female player.
That gamer got him for all of his money.
by Iceman929 March 03, 2008

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