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Listen up
Oye, what time is da bitches gettin here
by Iceberg Slim November 07, 2003
Associated with those clueless mf's who think they are being individuals by wearing the same aberzombie shit as all of their clueless friends. Ironic isn't it.

I guess they hand out a baseball cap, pseudo-vintage t-shirt, cargo shorts, sandals and a tight fitting hemp necklace at High School orientation these days.
Dude, I got this phat shirt at abercrombie!

Nice. Didn't I see johnny sporting that on The OC last week.

Hell yeah! You know me, always looking to ride the next trend handed down by the fashion gods. It keeps me from having to formulate an identity of my own.

Say what, bro???
by Iceberg Slim January 14, 2005
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