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A term meaning usually paper money. It is derived from the term frog skins which is another way of saying money. The green color is why they are called frog skins, or just skins for short.

Also used in Golf. The skins game is a way to play golf where each hole has a certain cash or point value. Whoever wins the hole gets the either the cash or points.
"That fucker better have my skins!" (Money)

"I'm going to watch the skins game." (Golf)
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
The way gangsters act/behave and how they go about doing things in their everyday lives. Often said by people who are not gangsters when they do something they think is cool.
Person 1: "So that guy was talking shit to me ya know."

Person 2: "So what did you do about it?"

Person 1: "I busted a cap in his ass and then fucked his girlfriend!"

Person 2: "That's how gangsters roll!"

Person 1: Fuck yeah!"

Another example:

"I beat that video game without dying once. Now that's how gangster's roll."
by IceWarm March 23, 2006
Short for a Rolls-Royce automobile. Very expensive.
"Yo check out him in his new Rolls."
by IceWarm February 05, 2004
Short for footage. This can be any kind of footage such as video or audio.
"Hey man we gotta get some footie of you fucking that ho!"
by IceWarm June 17, 2004
Slang spelling and pronunciation of the word "yeah."
Person 1: "Did you get my dub sack nigga?

Person 2: "Yeah fool!"
by IceWarm November 06, 2004
To engage in sexual intercourse in the missionary position. The word root refers to the male genitals and it is pointed down in the missionary position.

Also a song by the Beastie Boys on their 1994 Ill Communication album.
"I'm gonna fuck my bitch root down tonight!" (Refers to sexual activity)

"Have you heard Root Down by the Beastie Boys yet?" (Refers to a song)
by IceWarm June 17, 2004
To keep quite on something. To not tell people about something. To not divulge information to people that should not know about something. Keeping certain information limited to a certain group or between two people.
"Keep this shit on the down low for now."
by IceWarm June 21, 2004

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