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3 definitions by IanR

someone who can be counted on to ruin a holiday, often caused by the inability to deal with stress and to deflect it onto others - be it family, or otherwise - leading everyone to be stressed out and annoyed with each other.
"Despite our plans to embark on our road-trip in 8 o'clock in the morning, we didn't manage to leave until 1pm, as my mother threw a fit and made us clean the entire house first. Everyone was in a foul mood thanks to my mother - the serial holiday-ruiner".
by IanR December 24, 2009
6 1
a dance derived in Thunder Bay, Ontario that portrays a camper swatting away, and killing a pesky mosquito.
"Oh check it out! Ian pulled out The Pesky Mosquito! Sick moves dude!"
by IanR January 03, 2010
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Having sexual intercourse twice with the same person in a short period of time.
"Last night, Leah and I went for a Thunder Run"
by IanR December 01, 2006
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