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only the greatest film of all time, anyone who hasn't seen it must, has many words that they don't even use in London like jog on it also has words that have to definitions
"A snortin', boozin', barney of a film - totally infectious."

"A nose-bursting blow to the senses."

****, Andrew Woods, Loaded
What people say about the film
by Ian Parker November 01, 2004
another term used for fuck a duck
oh, why don't you just go and spaf a cat
by Ian Parker November 17, 2004
another name for a Jehova's witnesses WARNING: if called in front of one, you may receive beatings.
dude: "he won't come for a drink, hes a jo-ho"
by Ian Parker November 08, 2004
asking someone politly what did they say without childish swearing.
hard nut 1: i pounded ur mum last night
hard nut 2: You say whaa!!
by Ian Parker November 18, 2004

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