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Alternative music that can be found in stores that are not primarily known for selling music. This is considered to be a sign that the band is no longer alternative; when you can find your favorite band's records in the "Breakout Artists" section of Target, it is assumed that they have gone mainstream. (From root words "Target" and "alternative".)
Man, I used to like Arcade Fire, but the other day I went out to get some deodorant and Sun Chips and I found out that they've gone Targeternative!
by Ian Jay July 30, 2005
An involvement with someone or something defecating. (From the root word "dump".)
My root beer tastes like somebody took a dump in it. Not strongly, of course, but there's definitely a faint air of dumppery about it.
by Ian Jay July 30, 2005
Almost supernatural acts done on computers. (From root words "computer" and "wizardry".)
She managed to recover my entire hard drive after my son stuck his horseshoe magnet on it! She must have amazing powers of computzerdry!
by Ian Jay July 30, 2005
The somewhat vulgar act of submitting someone's name as legitimate slang to the Urban Dictionary, supposedly to display the subject's good or bad qualities to the entire world. Usually borne out of love, revenge, or intoxication. (Alteration of the base word "namedropping".)
DAVE is a hug e peice of siht totally gay.

Example: D00d, can u bleive DAVE?!? Wht a losr
by Ian Jay July 27, 2005
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