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THE DEATH OF NICKELODEON.....well, nickelodeon died sooo long ago. 90's nickelodeon was THE SHIT!!!

icarly is about some whinny overly dramatic bitch Carly, her tomboy acting, also overly dramatic friend Sam who constantly picks on Freddy, and their tech "geek" freddy who has a massive crush on Carly. Spencer is carly's quirky brother, whom is very artistic....and also stupid.....gibby is some fat kid who takes his shirt off....not kidding, and gibby has been turned into a joke for the entire show.

icarly has a horrible sense of humor, plays laugh tracks (electronic laughter) like every 5 seconds.....and tries really hard to be "cool." By their use of words like "chiz" "nub" "hobnocker" and it fails miserably at trying to be cool.........its horrible and will cause cancer.
Carly and Sam are stupid little whiny materialistic overly-dramatic cunts.

And freddy is nothing but a computer nerd with no godamn spine........or balls.......whichever.....
Person1: Hey! Do you watch icarly?

Person2: No.....

Person1: really? icarly is the chiz! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!

Person2: ..GTFO!!!

Person1: Youl never understand the awesomeness of icarly, cuz your a nub.

Person2: Grabs gun and shoots person1.
by ISPEAKDEALWITHITCUNT September 16, 2010

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