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2 definitions by IRmjii

1. A slang term used by gangsters in the 1920s/1930s to describe police officers

2. A metal used in coins, wires and pipes

3. a colour

4. A hair colour closely related to gingers

5. Slang for coins.
1. That copper will never catch us. He just eats doughnuts.

2. Science Teacher: Copper is a good conductor...

3. Should this ground be painted in light copper or deep brown?

4. Kid: Your hair looks different. Its gone darker into a copper colour.

5. Hey mate do a have a few coppers on ya?
by IRmjii March 30, 2013
1. A another name for pig.
2. A vehicle in the game series Halo (Mostly know as Warthog)
3. Someone who doesn't share or is greedy
4. Someone who is fat
5. Short for Hot Older Guy
6. A insult
1. Aww look at that cute little hog.
2. Here you kill the Elites while i go grab a Hog (Warthog)
3. Mum! Dave is Hogging the TV
4. Your such a fat Hog! Go and get some exercise
5. OMG! That HOG really makes me sweat.
6. Oy Hog come here. I got a snout for you!
by IRmjii April 05, 2013