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Black Veil Brides members-
Andy Biersack - Singer
Jake Pitts - Guitar
Jinxx - Guitar & Violin
Christian Coma ("CC") - Drums
Ashley Purdy - Bass

Most people enjoy saying that they 'rip off' other bands and are gay emo fags. If you listen to more than 20 seconds of any song, you will find that most songs are relate able and help people.

For example, "Saviour" is about how Black Veil Brides, or BVB, will always be there for their fans when they need it.

People enjoy saying that they rip off Motley Crue and KISS, when in fact, BVB looks up to them as the group's idols.

The group is called "screamo" "gay" and "faggy". As Andy, Jake, Jinxx, CC, and Ashley have said in many interviews, they are simply rock and roll. If you find them screamo, and calling them screamo makes you happy, so be it.
If people find them emo that's great because emo means emotional. And yes, their songs hold a lot of emotion in them.

This group simply wants people to express themselves in a positive way without harming themselves or others. If people do not like BVB you should not 'bash' them because this band has truly helped some people from killing themselves. It has helped hundreds of people, and people should not declare them 'horrible' after listen to 2 second of their most popular song, "Knives And Pens".

All in all Black Veil Brides is a group worth listening to and if you have problems or are ever feeling alone, the Black Veil Brides Army and group will be there.
Hater: Ugh what are you listening to that's horrible music!
Fan: That's Black Veil Brides. Don't call them horrible, I wouldn't be alive right now if I had never heard them and realized.. I wasn't alone
Hater: Whatever they still suck
Fan: Calls other fans and they stuff hater in a trash can
by IOweBVBMyLife March 20, 2012

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