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the thing in the trunk of your car
prostitute,witness for the state,any opposing business,your boss,and that kid down the street that moved away at six years of age and now 10 years later his parents still live in the same house.....

my dad always said about a corpse "you wont have to worry about some one telling if you dont get rid of it before it starts smelling"
by INSANE1323 June 09, 2009
blinding the pirates parrot is when a guy is jacking off and plans on cumming on his stomache but shoots harder than he expected and his sperm shoots over his shoulder just missing his face
man1:I was wanking it this morning and got lucky i guess 'cause i endded up blinding the pirates parrot.

man2:I wasn't so lucky I gave myself a zombie.....
by INSANE1323 July 06, 2009

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