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blake is a really adorable guy. he's really sweet and his eyes are also adorable. he's usually a year younger than the girl of his dreams, but she will learn that dating him is ok. every girl is jealous of the girl dating blake.
"hey look its a blake! i want that boy!"
"hey thats my boyfriend!"
"girl, I'm jealous!"
by IJpoop August 23, 2012
A great guy who's really cute. He is very good at playing soccer, and he has an awesome sense of humor. sometimes he can be kind of strange around friends, but when he's around the girl of his dreams, he's really sweet. Usually Majeed's dream girl's name starts with a J.
"Hey! You are really pretty. You are my whole world and more!" -Majeed talking to his dream girl.
by IJpoop August 23, 2012

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