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A person who is exciting, fun, and a dare devil. His penis maybe small and he might be stupid in the head but he's him.
Guy 1: "Pachong just took out average c."
Guy 2: "I know I seen it."
by IICrimsonTearz May 05, 2010
A name for a condom. There are other names such as : Psycho C, Crazy C, Used C, and others that have not been founded. This is a word used in street language also.
Person 1 : "Whoa he just ripped out Average C, he's throwing it at people he's so crazy.
Person 2 : "I hope he doesn't hit me with that.
by IICrimsonTearz May 05, 2010
"BLACK NINJA CREW...FUCK WITH BITCHES..AND LEAVE DER HEADS ON MY BALLS" This small group was created from Facebook and was founded by Bun Mee Yangstar. He has left another quote "JUST KICKED LENG IN DA AZZ" This group is an all purpose and randomly made. (Black Ninja Crew)
Guy 1 : "I just wrote the funniest thing ever on BNC."
Guy 2 : "Oh yeah, what was it?
Guy 1 : "Go look."
Guy 2 : "Okay.
by IICrimsonTearz May 05, 2010

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