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1. What Halo/CoD players say when they die in bullshit ways.

2. What girls say in texts to something rediculous (My bad, TXTs. Ok?).

3. What people say when they see their friend addicted to Justin Beiber.

4. One of the most over used acronyms so far.

5. What little kids playing Halo/CoD scream.

6. My dick is going to explode.
(Player 1:) Yo man I'm close to my high score streaks!
(Player 1 gets shot by pistol.)
(Player 1:) WTF? I don't even...
(Player 2:) You must be a virgin, or new to Call of Duty.
#what #the #fuck #wtf #call #of #duty #cheap #deaths #is #this #shit #?
by IHitPuberty March 25, 2013
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