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2 definitions by IFILLALLHOLES

pronounced(statchitarius) akin to the word Statutory, as in sex with a minor. also Sagittarius, The Archer
November 23 to December 21. A person need not be born in the month of November or December to acquire such a title.
R. Kelly sings up some good R&B. Too bad he's a Statutarius.
Good ol' Father Flaherty, I remember being in the kindygarted and him making me kneel with my pecker in the snow because he wanted a cold one!! He's such a "statutarius".
by IFILLALLHOLES November 28, 2007
the true definition of the word dingle berry lies here.
a dingle berry is the little pieces of toilet paper that are entangled in the hairs of the pubic or anal regions. usually these pieces have a brownish tint and are crusty in nature. They resemble cocoons on a spiders web. they usually hurt when trying to remove because they require pulling out the hair they are stuck to straight from the follicle.
Man, I was so pumped!!!!!
You know that hot girl I met at the bar, well we went to do a 69 but as I moved closer to her snatch, it resembled a dingle berry patch!!!!!!!!!!!
by IFILLALLHOLES November 28, 2007