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A combination of dipshit and dickhead, this term is generally used when a person becomes so frustrated at another, that their words become scrambled.
No, I will not lick your butt you diphead!

Rose and Nat are such dipheads, they think they rock the PIC.
by IDWaN June 04, 2009
An acronym for Pregnancy Inquiry Count, which calculates "Am I pregnant" questions.
The PIC rates are off the roof today!
The ILF Posse rocked the 1M PIC!
by IDWaN June 04, 2009
Acronym for Pregnancy Inquiry Count. It calculates "Am I pregnant" questions.
Whoa, the PIC is off the roof!
The ILF Posse is rockin the PIC!
by IDWaN June 04, 2009
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