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A spell in which you put on a guy, and his penis gets erected, unless you are fat.
Tyrone: Yo bitch! I'm gonna knock dat tit right ndown to da core!

Yopani: Expecto Erectus!
Tyrone: Aw shit man! What da hell did you do dat? Fuckin bonars...
Yopani: You asked fo it man.
Tyrone: go down man! go down! I aint ready!
by IBEREAL! May 06, 2011
A spell in which you make a girls vagina fall off, you eat it, barf, then put it back on.
Hashamia: Yo bitch, Avada Vagina!
Shiniqua: Oh shit. Betta eat it all uuuup. *barf*
Hashamia: Aight, now put dat dingo back on its homeland.
by IBEREAL! May 06, 2011
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