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A trunk on the front end of a mid- or rear-engined car.
I like Beetles and MR2s, because frunks are cool!
by Ian July 27, 2005
Pubic hair. It has been recognized that often a person's pubic hair is the same colour as his or her eyebrows.
Hola baby, does the rug match the curtains?
by ian January 21, 2004
A slang term for a bra
by Ian October 27, 2003
Someone who is addicted to cocaine.
That coke fiend just snorted 20 fat lines!
by Ian November 30, 2003
Possibly the Ugliest Man (Motherfucker) Alive.

Term used by Navy SubSchool students in Groton, CT.
That dude with the fucked up face is a PUMA
by Ian July 19, 2004
A particularly nasty vagina that one suspects may have teeth. Pungent and deformed.
I could tell that slut had a snagglesnatch by the way her jeans made a crooked camel toe. Hold me.
by ian January 21, 2004
Arrakis, later Rakis (known colloquially as "Dune") is a desert planet with almost no water at all, and is the only known source of the spice Melange which makes interstellar travel possible. It is native home of the Fremen.
Arrakis is the power center of the Imperium.
by Ian June 13, 2004

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