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A girl/s you got on the side other than your main girlfriend. She initially is someone who is just used to get sexual pleasure from and nothing else that is serious.
Joe-"Yo man I'm going out with my girl Beatrice tonight"
Craig-"What about Lela?"
Joe-"Man she just a side hoe when Beatrice don't give me none"
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND December 05, 2009
1. A very smart person usually regarding technology.
2. The hang-out spot Lizzie and her friends went to from the Disney tv show Lizzie McGuire.
1. Person 1: Hey my computer is broken can you fix it?
Person 2: Yeah sure.
Person 1: You must be a digital bean to know a lot about computers!
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND September 23, 2009
Person very fond of sillyness and does many silly things.
I really like being a dork and doing random funny things. I'm such a sillyest.
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND September 29, 2009
A girls that's really big like one of the whales at Sea World and even though she's really big she insists on wearing skimpy items of clothing.
Person 1: Did you see that big girl yesterday with the mini skirt.
Person 2: Yeah what a sea world bitch!
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND August 29, 2009

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