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A clinical condition caused by an imbalance in the levels of Serotonin in the brain.
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain which is responsible for feelings of wellbeing and contentment. A decline in the level of Serotonin present in the brain causes severe feelings of anxiousness, lethargy, tiredness and a prolonged sadness.

Depression is a lasting condition, and is not to be confused with being an emo wanker who sits around slashing up for attention.
Emos are milking the whole depression card. They're ruining the seriousness of the issue, much like they ruined checkers, skating and punk music.
If you know of somebody that is legitimately depressed, tell them to seek medical help.
by I.defeated.the.system August 13, 2008

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A fairly incredible book written by author Stephenie Meyer, which although apparently lacks literary devices is still fairly captivating. It is important to note that not all fans are obsessive preteen little girls who are infatuated with Edward Cullen - the fact that these people even exist annoys the living hell out of me, because it ruins the book's reputation and makes it seem like these are the only types of people interested in the story.
I'd like to bring up the fact that not all that many romance novels are original when it comes to vampire/human relationships - the only reason Anne Rice did such a good job was because she was practically the trend-setter; it hadn't really been done before, so how could it be cliche?

The fact that people here are complaining first that Meyer was unoriginal but then that she 'changed' how vampires were supposed to be is incredibly contradictory - make up your minds, is she meant to stick with what's there or change it to be original?

I honestly think that the movie will ruin things even more, because the crowds there will be a prime example for all of you to rub in the faces of the 'sane' people that enjoy the series.

For all of you that think that there is no character development, or that the same things happen from one book to another, read 'Breaking Dawn'.

Ignorant individual who hasn't read more than half of Twilight - 'Psh, look at that, that fan is an idiot so therefore only idiots like the book, also it is cliche and because vampire/human romances have never been done before that just means the book is stupid and lacking talent'

knowledgeable person who has looked at all the facts, read all the books and managed to stay a sane individual lacking an Edward Cullen obsession - The girls mad about Edward Cullen are just preteen kids ruining it for the rest of us, and the 'higher-than-thou' attitudes of those people who dislike the books probably only do so because they're reading for literary devices, not a captivating story.

Grow up already, stop trying to act better than other people because you can diss out a book because it wasn't written in the 1800's, and just read to enjoy the damn book.
Or, don't read it, but stop insulting all of those people that do.
by I.defeated.the.system September 15, 2008

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