3 definitions by I.P. Greenish

i. Word uttered or screamed in frusration, annoyance, or anger; a clean alternative to fuck, shit, or damn.

ii. Word yelled by Donald Duck when something bad happens to him.
i. Phooey! A fly flew in my flippin' soup! Idiot!

ii. Donald Duck: Hoh phooey!
by I.P. Greenish October 23, 2005
A phrase uttered out of frustration, annoyance, or disapppoinment or whenever something bad happens.
Goshdarnit! Who put this decapitated horse head in my bed?!
by I.P. Greenish October 23, 2005
A person who pretends to be someone he/she is not. Can be used in both the English and French languages. Means the same thing as poser.
Stop being a poseur and stay true to yourself.
by I.P. Greenish October 23, 2005

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